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Hello! I’m kinda-sorta back to the usual nonsense. Before we get into the songs, I wanted to thank my bloggy friends who have dropped a few dollars (or in the case of one friend, a large amount of coin) into the Julie’s Mom Fund. I thank you, Julie thanks you, Julie’s mom (if she was awake enough to know) thanks you, and Julie’s family thanks you, too.

Okay on with it!

“Prodigal” One Republic (Download) I bought this album based not on the song “Apologize,” but on a Rolling Stone review — which, oddly enough, wasn’t very kind to the CD. They were all ga-ga over “Prodigal,” and after repeated listens on my iPod, I rather like the song. It’s not mind-blowing by any stretch, but I find it appealing ’cause it’s one of those songs that you can belt out in the car. And if you’re like me, you’re really out of tune when singing the chorus.

“Perfect Way” Scritti Politti (Download) My sudden desire to hear some Scritti Politti comes from a Lost in the 80s entry on Popdose on Al Jarreau covering a SP song. Weird, I know.

“Don’t Give Up On Us, Baby” David Soul (Download) I think my David Soul interest focuses not on the TV show Starsky and Hutch, but rather the Clint Eastwood film, Magnum Force. You see, my mom was an extra (and had a small spoken part) in the film. As a little kid who was able to be on the set when it was being filmed in San Francisco, we got to meet Clint. But David Soul was in the film, too. I’m not sure if he was on the set the day we were, but whenever I hear this song, I like to think he was composing this song while waiting to be called for a scene.

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