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Hello my select few readers/stalwarts! Here we go with another round of “Random Sample” — the feature that’s pretty straightforward. Basically, it’s me featuring three songs from my collection that aren’t part of any theme or mix. Just random songs that I think are quite good, and songs you may like as well.

Mark Knopfler “In the Sky” (download) Even though I’m a huge Dire Straits fan, MK’s solo output leaves me less than impressed more often than not. I don’t know what it is, but I have a tough time connecting to his non-Dire Strait songs. But when the advanced word on this CD was generally good, I took a chance (and not much of one since I buy everything the guy puts out — including the soundtrack work he’s done). On the whole, this album is very subtle. The guitar work is subtle, the singing is subtle, the lyrics aren’t really all that subtle, but they are sung in such a way that they really don’t stand out. Nevertheless, this song was quite lovely (and subtle).

TLC “Unpretty” (download) What can I say about this TLC album other than it is my favorite one by the group. From a pure pop perspective, the songs have some mighty fine hooks, and from a production perspective, it’s clean, inventive, and very progressive for a pop/soul album. “Unpretty” is a message song, but to my ears, I pick up certain things that I consider novel touches — like the quiet snare roll at the outset, and the interplay between the vocals that take the song into different narrative directions. What can I say? I like that crap. 🙂

Shriekback “My Spine is the Bassline” (download) This might take you back to the early to mid 80s when this outfit was churning out moody, but oddly danceable songs. In reality, I like my moody dance songs in the key of New Order, but this will do in a pinch.

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