Random Sample

It’s a quick post today ’cause we’re off to Nevada City to see Dot/Autumn’s Mom get married!  Yay!

“I’m One,” the Who (Listen up!)  Who hasn’t thought of themselves in such terms.  You know, that feeling like you’re just a loser.  Sometimes it’s tough to think that Pete Townshend is writing this stuff based (and I’m presuming here) on his on self image.  But, in the context of this album, this song works wonderfully!

“Creedence Song,” John Fogerty (Get your tuneage here!) I was surprised how solid this album is.  But considering how often Fogerty records, I’m guessing he had a lot of time to work on these songs.

“Just Like Heaven,” the Watson Twins (Dig it!)  These are the ladies I reviewed in that video piece I did for Popdose a couple weeks ago.  What?  You didn’t see the piece.  Well let me pimp it out more and include it here.

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