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A late post today, but I didn’t forget about the little feature I like to run at the end of the work week — well, it’s a work week for those who have work. 🙂 Sorry, a little gallows humor from me, but hey, I’m in the gallows so…there.

First off, I wanted to thank those of you who went over to Popdose to check out my little video feature yesterday. The comments were overwhelmingly positive and having all those “warm fuzzies” made the project worth it.  So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Let me reciprocate by sharing a little music you may (or may not) have heard before.

First up…

“The Last High,” the Dandy Warhols (Listen Here)  This will make Gina happy, but this album was produced by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran fame. The album is surprisingly un-Duran Duranish, but this tune is quite the earworm — especially if it’s been on your iPod for weeks!

“The Visitors,” ABBA (Listen Here) My colleague John at Popdose has a video feature called “Phagz on 45” where he and his friend listen to songs and comment on them with the right amount of snark and praise.  This week, they had an “All ABBA” edition where they pondered questions like “What’s gayer than ABBA?” The answer may surprise you (and it has an R rating).  Still, in the course of their review of four ABBA songs, John mentioned that The Visitiors is probably ABBA’s best album. It’s certainly their most mature and reflective album and sports this great lead track.

“Bodysnatchers,” Radiohead (Listen Here) This was basically a freebie from Radiohead (you know, ’cause they pioneered that whole “Pay what you think it’s worth” price scheme).  I’ve been listening to this album on and off since it’s release, and I gotta say that it’s great to hear the band play as a band and rock out a bit.

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