Random Sample 10-31-08

Well, Happy Halloween! This week’s offerings do not have an overt Halloween theme.  For that, you should really go to Popdose and grab some goodies on this week’s Mix 666.  Yep, 18 Halloween themed songs for your listening pleasure — and Jeff even did an updated graphic.

Okay, enough pimping of Popdose, and on with it!

“A- Punk,” Vampire Weekend 
(Download) I know what you’re going to say: this is clearly a Halloween inspired pick.  But you have to believe me that these songs come about through a kind of luck of the draw.  Really! Fine. Don’t believe me. The band’s name, however, comes from the title of a short film the lead singer made where, it seems, the plot centered on how he had to fight off vampires to protect his virginity.  I also read on their Wiki page they were dubbed “The whitest band” by this guy

“Stupid Girl,” Garbage

(Download)  Are you a fan of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? If not, why not!  If so, then you know that the character of Catherine Weaver is played by the lead singer of Garbage, Shirley Manson.

“Mr. Pinstrip Suit,” Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

(Download) In one of the strange ways this song became popular was the use of it by Carly Patterson during the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. The vocals were omitted, but it certainly energized her routine.  If you want to see the magic of her floor exercise routine, have a look HERE

“Been There, Done That,” Brian Eno and John Cale

(Download) I’m not sure why I like Brian Eno so much.  Maybe it’s because, like him, I have egg head tendencies in my musical interests.  He was a pioneer of using loops to create songs, but on this album, the musical direction is pretty standard stuff, really. That is to say, the arrangements are fairly straightforward — but that only adds to the album’s greatness.

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