Random Sample 10-24-08

A million apologies for being kind of silent this week. I’ve been starting the preliminary prep for the courses I might be teaching in the spring.  I say “might” because I recently interviewed with a non profit organization in San Francisco that could lead to a full time gig.  If that happens, I’ll have to pass on the teaching opportunities because the non profit job is a better gig. If I don’t get it, I’m back in the groove of teaching. Oh, and just so you know, if you’re a part time college professor, you take a vow of poverty.  Sadly, it means your family has to take a vow of poverty, too.  Ah, the things we do for love…

Speaking of love, here comes this week’s Random Sample (which nine of you overwhelmingly voted that I continue as a feature on this blog).  Ain’t democracy grand?  Okay, on with the show!

“Open Fire,” The Sarah Mac Band (Download) From the great swamps of Florida, the Sarah Mac Band are quite a find.  I was introduced to them via Paste magazine (Thanks Richard and Kathy for the gift), and my iPod.  This tune is just a great pop song.  It has a diary confession quality to it, but breaking up is hard to do, so why not let it all come out in a song.

“Dreamer (Live),” Supertramp (Download)Probably my favorite song by Supertramp — but It has to be the live version.  This was the album Supertramp put out after the massively successful Breakfast in America, and it was a welcome respite because they didn’t rush to make Breakfast in America II. Rather, they put out the obligatory live album to keep their stock strong while they figured out what to do.  What Roger Hogdson and Rick Davies figured out was they hated each other and wanted to part ways — but they had one final album in 1982 to produce,  which spawned the tepid AC hit, “It’s Raining Again.”

“She Sell Santuary,” The Cult (Download)  This is one of those songs where the guitar is really the lead singer, because it has such a great hook.  I have a “take it or leave it” attitude toward this band, but one thing I will take is this song.  I’ve been trying to play it on guitar, and I nail the opening riff every other time — much to the dismay of Maya who is sick to death of hearing me play this.

“Forever Autumn (N Trance Remix),” Justin Hayward and Jeff Wayne (Download)  I featured the live version of “Forever Autumn” the Moody Blues recorded on last week’s Mix Six.  I added this version as a bonus, but since a lot of you don’t bother with Popdose, you probably didn’t hear this — but now you can!  😆

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