Random Sample 1-2-09

Happy new year to all!  I sincerely hope this year treats us better than last year — which, from the category I created called “2008 Sucks,” you can tell 2008 was not a banner year.  Every year around this time it’s popular to “look back” at the year that was and compile best and worst lists of … well, whatever.  I won’t be doing that.  Instead, I’ll just keep on keeping on and continue with this Friday feature.  

First up:

“Too Much Just Out of Sight,” The Fireman (Download)  If you clicked the link without knowing anything about this band, you may find the voice familiar.  Why?  Because one half of the Fireman is Paul McCartney.  Yeah, I thought McCartney was washed up, too.  But it turns out he’s been saving his good stuff for side projects like this, and churning out the pap for his solo albums.  Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean by “the good stuff.” 


“We Are The Music Makers,” Aphex Twin (Download) I was never really into this band, but while trolling eMusic I found this compilation of ambient works. And since I’m a sucker for ambient music, I had to give this one a try. It’s not bad, and I really like this song because the title reminds me of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” when Gene Wilder grabs Veruca Salt by the mouth and says: “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamer of dreams.” 


“Lunar Bay,” Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Download) While I applaud Frankie Goes To Hollywood for not writing “Welcome to the Pleasure Dome II,” this album has more misses than hits.  However, I really liked this tune and when I was doing a lot of mix tapes for Julie back in the day, I put this song on one of the tapes I made for her.  She asked me about “Lunar Bay” a few weeks ago and I downloaded it (because I had this album on vinyl, and I don’t think I have it anymore).  We listened to it once and I just kind of forgot about it — until now, that is.

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