PTO/Spring Break

If you read Julie’s blog (and you should be), you’ll know that she took some time off for spring break.  She and Maya did a few things together like going to a museum, doing some spring cleaning of Maya’s bedroom, and some shopping.  But mostly, it was just some needed down time.  Well, it’s my turn!  I took a couple of days off, and this morning I woke up with the desire to go to breakfast at Bette’s Oceanview Diner in Berkeley and to just kind of stroll around 4th Street and buy some books. At first, Maya didn’t want to go, but after a lot of coaxing, the two of us went off for some brunch.

I don’t drink coffee anymore, but I do like the coffee at Bette’s, so I got some decaf — which, despite the lack of caffeine, was still pretty darn good.  Maya ordered French Toast Deluxe (What made it deluxe was that they served it with fruit and yogurt) and I got Huevos rancheros.  The place was packed, so it took awhile to get served, but once the order was in, the food came to our table pretty quickly.

After, we went over to Books Inc — which, is smaller than our local Barnes and Noble, but it has a pretty good selection — to browse some titles.  I ended up buying two books: Bossypants by Tina Fey, and this other one called Machine of Death:  A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die.  And yes, the latter title is science fiction. Maya read some of Bossypants in the store, and said it was pretty funny, and since it’s always nice to have a laugh, why not get a book that promises just that.  I was going to buy another book on zombies since, you know, I’m on a zombie kick right now, but Machine of Death looked intriguing. Basically, this machine will, after analyzing a blood sample, tell you how you’re going to die.  It just spits out answers like CANCER, or STROKE, or CHOKED ON A HANDFUL OF POPCORN.  So, if you were armed with that knowledge, how would you live your life?

Anyway, this is just a casual post about a very casual day.  I might top it off by going on a bike ride and then maybe take Julie out for dinner ’cause Maya got together with a friend this afternoon.  See? this is just what PTO/Spring Break ought to be:  relaxing.

Word of the day: De-stress

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