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My friend Jeff (and just typing that makes me realize how many Jeffs I know), has a podcast that I used to feature on my blog.  It’s call “Filmed, Not Stirred” and he and his buddy Lisa riff on what’s new at the cineplex.  We’ve been trading emails back and forth for the past couple of days and he wanted to know why I haven’t added any new podcasts.  I told him about my, um, employment situation, and now he understands.  But it made me remember that I have all these public affairs programs on CD and some on my website that are just kind of sitting there.  The website stuff is being listened to, but my CD copies?  Nope. Anyway, I’m going to link some to my iTunes page (another thing I’ve forgotten about), but I asked Jeff about some of his favorite podcasts and here are a few off his list (with iTunes links, naturally):

Daily Giz Wiz
A daily gadget podcast with Leo Laporte, a TV and radio personality focusing on tech stuff, who has built his own podcasting network. He does various tech podcasts and this one is done with Dick Debartolo, a gadget junkie who has written for Mad Magazine for over 40 years.

Film Score Monthly podcast

For film music geeks … like myself.

Filmed, Not Stirred
I always check out the episode a few weeks after I post it, in an attempt to critique myself and improve. So far it hasn’t helped. 🙂

Official LOST podcast
Great podcast done by the executive producers of LOST. But I listen with caution, as sometimes they spoil plot points of upcoming episodes.

Real Time with Bill Maher
I don’t have HBO, but it’s cool that they offer the audio of his show for free. Some visual jokes are missed, but it’s better than nothing.

Totally Rad Show
A video podcast with 3 geeks who review movies, TV, video games and comic books. Plus, I recently found out that one of the geeks graduated from Antioch High in 1994 and had Ms. Rossi as a drama teacher! [Note: Ms. Rossi was our drama teacher, too].

Will and Willie
Will Durst and former SF mayor Willie Brown discuss political issues. This used to be a radio show on 960 The Quake[now called Green 960], but the show ended and now they do the show semi-regularly as a podcast.

Py Korry
Which I am bummed to learn will be no more. 🙁 [Note: Not yet!  Jeff expressed interest in hearing more ‘casts, so I have a few I’m going to get loaded up there].

Here are a few choice ones…


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