Oof! Tough Break

When I was pre-teen and into my teen years, I competed in gymnastics.  It really was my life.  I got out of school early to train at a local gym, and yes, my eyes were on making the Olympic team at some point in my life.  It never happened. But on the long journey to make it to the elite level, I used to look up to gymnasts like Bart Connor and Kurt Thomas.  Thomas became known for a move he pioneered on the pommel horse and the floor exercise known as the “Thomas Flair” and it was spectacular to see him do it without any effort.  However, while there’s point where we achieve a personal level of excellence in whatever we strive for, we often have our, um, less than glorious moments.

Kurt had a tough break during the 1976 Olympics where his Thomas Flair didn’t live up to its name:

Thankfully, he was able to perfect his routine(s) three years later!

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