Only “Half Dopey?”

Our dog is a cutie, but she’s not the most street smart dog you’ve met. She’s bright in many ways, but we joke that she’s “half dopey” because, well, she does dopey things every now and then. She’s a mix of Keeshond and Shetland Sheepdog, and while both breeds are pretty smart, it seems when you mix the two, a little dopey creeps in in the offspring. So you take one of these dogs:

And mate him/her with one of these dogs:

And you get this:

See? Kind of dopey, right? I know, that’s kind of mean, but stay with me and I’ll explain. Every weekday morning we take Maya to school, but we also take the dog with us so we can do a little walking, the dog can do her “doggie business” in the bushes, and we all get some time to chat and walk. It’s a nice routine. When we’re running late, we take our car part of the way to Maya’s school and walk the rest of the way figuring that some exercise is better than none. Anyway, everyday we open up the hatch to our Scion xB (AKA “Boomer”) and the dog jumps in — like this:

But today, the dog’s dopey side completely took over and she was in “full dopey” mode. Julie went to open the hatch to the car, and even before she could find the button to release the lock, the dog jumped up and smashed her face in the door. The dog let out a “Oof,” a couple of half sneezes, and generally walked around like she was punch-drunk (which she probably was). I was convinced our dog had lost whatever street smarts she had and was now pretty much legally retarded. Julie couldn’t stop laughing as the image of the dog jumping up and smashing her face into the back of the closed hatch back played over and over in her mind. I was miffed because our xB is new and while there are a few road rash dings, it’s in really nice shape. Not anymore, though. Because of our dog’s full dopey move, the back is scratched up:

Oh sure, some of that will “buff out,” but there are some nice deep scratches on there, too. As I type this, I’m just shaking my head at what happened this morning, because 1. My dog is dopey. And 2. I just realized my wife is the target audience for America Funniest Home Videos — the pet category.

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