One Party State


Duopoly: “An economic or political condition in which power is concentrated in two persons or groups.”

Whenever a strong third party candidate throws his hat in the ring during a presidental election (Ralph Nader anyone?) it becomes pretty obvious that The System is rigged so Republicans and Democrats have a lock on who voters choose for national office. 

But what about The System when elections are about a year away?  How do members of opposing parties act in Congress when opposition to the agenda of one party is the political platform of the other?  Well, if you’re in the Democratic party, you roll over and give the Republicans everything they want. 

Want a good example of this?  Well, Tim Grieve at Salon has a great post that’ll make you fume (if you’re on the liberal end of the spectrum) or cheer (if you’re on the conservative end).  Whatever the case, you’ll see this story as a textbook case of duopoly.


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