Oh, Don’t Bother

Have you ever seen the trailer for a movie (or even read about the film prior to its release) and thought: “THAT looks really good!”  And then the film comes out, reviewers blast it, people stay away, and you think “Um, maybe I’ll watch it on DVD.” 

That was the case with this film:

I wanted to see the film in the theater, but got kind of scared off because of bad reviews from both critics and friends who had seen the film. According to Amazon, this film is set to come out on DVD in early Janurary, but I’m still not sure if I want to plunk down a few bucks to see it.  It’s only a few dollars to rent, but if it really blows, I won’t get two hours of my life back. 

So…what was the last film you can think of where you were really jazzed to see it and then, for some reason, didn’t bother? 

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