Now J Has Another Reason Not To Move to Stockton, CA

My beloved J spent time in Stockton, CA when she was a girl and finally escaped in 1987 when she moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University.

When we started dating, she was often very critical of Stockton (still is, actually) and would often mangle their city slogans whenever I teased her about moving there.

For example, one slogan was “Stockton. Someplace Special.” Which she added: “Stockton. Someplace Stupid.” Then the city council of Stockton must have gotten wise to her frequent belittling of their little corner of hell heaven and came up with a new slogan: “Stockton. California’s Sunrise Seaport.” Did that stop her? Nope. She came up with another one: “Stockton. California’s Sunrise Cesspool.”

Despite the fact that J’s family has lived in Stockton for decades, she hates it. Hates the racism, the lack of anything to do (except go to the mall), the rednecks, the creepy atmosphere of impending rape and murder, gangs, the weather, pollution, and crappy restaurants. The only thing she loves about it is her grandmother and great aunt. Okay, and maybe the fresh in produce in the summer. Oh, and her uncle and aunt, too.

Now she has (and I’ll join her) one more reason to hate Stockton: “George W. Bush Elementary School.” It just opened and if J was of elementary school age, she told me that she probably would have attended that school because she used to live near it.

Stockton…(still) some place stupid.


George W. Bush Elementary School in Stockton, CA

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