Nobody’s Perfect

On most weekday afternoons I go to Maya’s school to get her. She’s almost always in the library doing her homework, or reading a book. It’s all pretty uneventful: she sees me, says goodbye to her friends, gets her stuff, signs out on the library clipboard, gets her backpack, and we trudge out to the car. No biggie. Today, however, she was laughing at some creative work one of her fellow students had created. Now, normally she never makes fun of other kids. She’s generally respectful, but she had to show me the piece that was making her laugh. I walked over to one of the bookshelves and there was this sign announcing what was on display:

And then she said, “Look at the back of this…it’s funny.”

Okay…Chalk it up to the ubiquity of Hannah Montana. The show is popular, there’s a film in 3D that’s coming out, her records are selling, her concerts sell out, and she’s got a line of overpriced clothing. Like I said, she’s ubiquitous. So it’s understandable when a tween wants to create something that reflects her passions, right? I confess to an unusual addiction to KISS when I was in 6th grade, so I’ll cut the kid some slack — or so I’m thinking. But then I see what Hannah Montana’s stage design looks like for her next tour, and suddenly I’m not so forgiving:


Click HERE for the theme song of this piece.

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