Nappy, nap, nap

So, it looks like my wife’s sleeping habits have been the healthy thing to do.  J’s favorite thing to do is nap. Nothing long, mind you…Just a few minutes to shut down and recharge.  Ever since we met, she’s been a napper.  Loves the naps!  If we’re at a family get-together, she’ll eventually find her way to a couch and it’s “J out!” When she used to work at a hotel in the city and when we lived in Philadelphia, she would nap during lunch – just for 10 minutes or so.

Me?  Not a napper. It’s not that I hate sleeping during the day, it’s just that I can’t get a good night’s sleep if I take an afternoon siesta.

When I started my current job and had to get up at 4am, and boy was I wiped (still am!).  Usually on Mondays after work, I conk out for about 20 minutes to recharge.  By Friday, I’m pretty much spent as well, so I’ll do a “shut down” so I can actually go out and do something on Friday nights without falling asleep at 8pm. 

While I was getting ready to leave for work this morning, I glanced at the SF Chronicle and they had a story on a Harvard study that says that napping reduces your chances of a heart attack by something like 37%.  Since heart disease runs in my family, I guess I’d better start doing that 20 minute nap more often. 

How ‘bout you?  Getting much sleep lately?


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