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Hope you all had a great 4th!  We had a very nice BBQ with the fam and friends, and instead of overeating, we overbought.  Tons of leftovers, so it looks like for the next few days, it’s BBQ for this boy. 

Now on to the linky links…

We have a Drive-In in our neck of the woods that re-opened, so Ms. Newlywed Cherry and her Hubby went to check out a movie and, um, well not good… Click HERE.

Back to remind us why videos sucked in the 80s, it’s Captain Video over at Jefito’s place! Under the microscope are the boys from Styx. Clicky clicky HERE.

Gina experiences the highs and lows of life and reminds us that time does indeed heal… Highs (HERE), Lows (HERE and HERE).

Ploop + iPhone = Funny (HERE).

J gives us a first hand account of what it’s like to sell a condo in Walnut Creek– or in our case, have the property sit on the market (HERE).

Jason Hare continues the very funny Mellow Gold series with a look at America (HERE).

Autumn’s Mom gets to check out Fall Out Boy with (who else) Autumn (HERE).

Taylor shines the mp3 spotlight on the lead singer of The Gossip — a band I was introduced to on our vacay to Portland last year (HERE).

Next up: Friday’s Mix Six


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