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I totally ripped this off from the NY Times…

Seems New Yorkers are acting like stereotypical Californians by being a bit more aware about the quality of food they are putting into their bodies.  There’s new law that went into effect that requires restaurants in New York to list the calorie count next to the price of a menu item. 

People who dine out seem to like the idea of “more information” but restaurants aren’t too thrilled because they say it’s going too be expensive to comply with the labeling requirements. 


Anyone who dines out knows the amount of food you get when you order a meal is sometimes amazingly large.  But it’s not just portion size that’s gonna get you (and your mama!) but the fat, salt, and sugar that goes into various dishes.  Restaurants don’t want you leaving hungry, feeling “cheated” if the portion size of the meal doesn’t match the price you pay, or not feeling that “zing” from the flavor of the food, so they load many dishes up with fat and salt so you don’t complain and keep coming back for more.

So, here’s the question (from the NY Times): Would calorie labels affect what you order at restaurants?


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