Modern Toilet…It’s a Restaurant, Folks

The other day, a co-worker, who also shares a love of food, sent me a link on Messenger about a themed restaurant in Taiwan called “Modern Toilet.”  You may have heard of this place. It’s a celebration of what comes out of our bodies after we’ve digested our food — and the receptacles we use to deposit that, um, garbage. The video below is amusing and it gives viewers a good tour of the restaurant, its food, and all the little toilet gimmicks used to make people titter about the fact that they are eating food that looks like poop.

I used to think that Americans were crazy in some of the business we start, but I think Taiwan takes the cake for a concept that’s gotta be one of the grossest in my memory.  One would think this restaurant would be a money loser (who wants to eat food that looks like poop?), but it seems this place is a destination for those visiting the area. I can see why. It’s odd enough that people instantly want to start documenting their experience on their phones. Because, really, how many poop-themed restaurants are there in the world? In an era of chain restaurants, it’s always amusing when you see something unique — even if the idea kind of makes you sick.

Now, would you go there to try something like “Crappy Meatballs?”

How about curry in a toilet?

 Poop Bread, anyone? 

I guess it’s all kind of funny until you realize, “Hey, I just paid money to eat food that looks like poop…FROM A TOILET!”

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