Mix Six “Thanks for Music!”


Hello mijn vrienden! Here we are at the last Friday of 2007, and instead of mixing a “Best of 2007,” I thought I would go through and look at songs that you picked out and feature them on this last mix on the old Py Korry blog. If you haven’t heard, this feature is going to a new home called “Pop Dose” starting on 1/1/08. I’ll still blog here, but it won’t be everyday, so if you have me on your RSS, then you’ll know when I pop up on the bloggy radar screen. If you don’t use an RSS reader, then check back from time to time to see if there’s anything new. I’ll have a more settled schedule once I get used to writing for Pop Dose, but in the meantime, let’s have some fun, okay?

Big Country “Fields of Fire” Big Country was featured on a mix put together by Scott Malchus (Who is going over to Pop Dose as well). This song was a kind of sleeper follow up to “In a Big Country,” but it surely packs a punch!

David Mead “Robert Bradley’s Postcard” Jefito turned me on to David Mead when he picked this song for his mix. I like the song so much, I ordered the CD from Mead’s website and bought his most recent recording as well. I must say that the first two songs on this album are the strongest in terms of sheer pop goodness, but the other songs grew on me over time.

Black Star “Astronomy (8th Light)” Taylor did a mix of rap songs for people who don’t like rap, and this one was one of my favorites — and I’m one of those people who really doesn’t like rap.

Spongebob and Plankton “F.U.N. Song” The Lovely Mrs. Davis — whose blog features some great songs for the kiddies — had featured some songs that were really quite good. So I did what anyone who likes to flatter others does: I stole from her. Well, I stole the idea of doing a mix based on cool kiddie songs.

Adam and the Ants “Stand and Deliver” Gina, whose been a faithful reader and commentator on my blog, has picked some great songs whenever I’ve “opened the request lines” to ask for song suggestions. On her mix, she had this gem from Adam and the Ants.

Pink Martini “Lilly” This was actually the first song I featured on my blog. So, I might was well close with it.

Thanks again for dropping by every Friday for some weekly mixy goodness. I’ll see you over at Pop Dose in 2008 for our weekly get together!

–Ted/P.K./Py Korry

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