Mix Six “Summertime”

Listen to the full Mix Six “Summertime” HERE

Even though summer doesn’t officially begin until the mid June, Memorial Day weekend is pretty much the start of summer, so why not do a theme set based on hot days, warm nights, swimming, and just enjoying the long days…

As (mostly) usual, you can listen to the entire mix by clicking the link above, or listen to individual tracks by clicking the links below.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince “Summertime” (Listen HERE) I’m not into rap, but you gotta admit that this is a great summer song! “School is out and it’s a sort of a buzz…”

Fountains of Wayne “It Must Be Summer” (Listen HERE) “It must be summer/Cause the streets are bare/And I try your number/ But you’re just not there.”

B-52s “Summer of Love” (Listen HERE) J recently blogged on this, but it’s such a good song, that I couldn’t pass this one up. Plus in 1967 (when I was 2), it was the Summer of Love. “Orange popsicles and lemonade…”
The Sundays “Summertime” (Listen HERE) This is an usually happy tune for a band as dour as The Sundays. “And its you and me in the summertime/Well be hand in hand down in the park/With a squeeze and a sigh and that twinkle in your eye.”

XTC ” Summer’s Cauldron” (Listen HERE) “Trees are dancing drunk with nectar/
Grass is waving underwater/Please don’t pull me out this is how I would want to go.”

The Who “Summertime Blues” (Listen HERE) “Well I went to the boss/Said I had a date/The boss said “No dice, son, you gotta work late.”

Have a wonderful weekend!


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