Mix Six “Songs for Atheists”


We like to think we’re a country where you have freedom of conscience, right? You know, believe what you want to believe. If December fills you with dread because you’re not in lock step with idiots who take every opportunity to remind you that it’s Christmas, and all other holidays are crap because, well, it’s Christmas! And if you don’t understand that from late November to December 25th ’tis the season to think of little else but CHRISTmas, then either get the hell out, or shut the eff up.

Feeling like your own sense of morality, belief in principles that go against the prevailing winds, and desire to solve social problems in the here and now are being squashed by those who idealize words like “Christian” and “Christianity” — but fail to even remotely live a life that reflects those ideals? Tired of the hypocrisies, the sticky ooze of false piety, and the judgmental tone of zealots who would love to nail you to a cross for daring to think differently from them? Well then, welcome to your mix!

“Faithless” Rush Just because you don’t “have faith in faith” (as the lyrics go), doesn’t mean you don’t believe in anything. Love and the hope that people will generally do the right thing, if they can stop seeing each other as competitors and enemies, are ideals that often keep me from sinking deeper into cynicism.

“Dear God” XTC I remember reading a book that said if you’re really angry, you ought to write a letter expressing your anger and then let that letter sit for a good 24 hours. After you’ve had time to vent, re-read the letter and if you still feel the sentiments contained therein reflect the way you feel, you ought to send it to the intended person. It seems Andy Partridge from XTC was pretty pissed off when he wrote this, and, well, can’t say I blame him.

“Human Touch” Bruce Spingsteen I always thought this song would make a good political campaign theme song — if only for the whole theme of “human touch.” It’s got a nice quality that, to quote Bruce, reminds us that “we’re all riders on this train.”

“Imagine” John Lennon There’s not a whole lot I can say about this song other than it still gives me chills (in a good way!) almost every time I listen to it.

“One Tin Soldier” Coven The film “Billy Jack” came out in 1971 and I was in 1st grade. I gotta say, seeing Billy as a Kung Fu-Native American-Do Goodie-Liberalish-Stong-But-Silent-Type on the big screen made me want to take kung fu lessons, live on a reservation, and protect kids, horses, and “freedom schools” against bigoted bullies. Alas, I never quite reached that ideal.

“The Galaxy Song” Monty Python It kind of puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰

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