Mix Six Preview and “Spot the Typo”

This week’s Mix Six has the deft mind of Gina over at Just Another Day at the helm! She’s given me more than 6 songs to choose from, but it’s not going to be hard to whittle the list down because it’s got a theme boyz and grrls! I’m not going to tell you what it is, but part of the fun will be trying to guess. That’ll be on Friday, but today I was trolling the “internets” looking at media jobs and one listing had me chuckling after J noted a typo toward the end. [Update: It’s never a good thing when you have to explain why something is funny (see comments), but in this case what made this a bit of a chuckler was all the hype in this job notice followed by the unfortunate typo. So, in the original post, I only included a sentence that had the typo. Now, I’ve put most of the job notice so you read it for yourself.]

Can you “Spot the Typo?”

Dragonfire (http:// www.dfire.org) is currently accepting freelance pitches. We’ve recently redesigned our site, and more of our stories will now include rich media elements.

We’re doing what we call 360-degree journalism, and we’re using multimedia platforms to tell stories. We reach 80,000+ people a day. Nine months after our launch, we were nominated for Best Internet Magazine by the Webby Awards, Best Rich Media Website by Editor & Publisher’s EPpy Awards, and Best Internet Food Journalism by the Bert Greene Awards.

Dragonfire publishes a new issue every two weeks. Our focus is on exceptionally high-quality journalism and
innovative multimedia. We tell stories about how news events affect our culture and society. Think of us as a digital, interactive combination of The New York Times Magazine and NPR’s This American Life .

We prefer to work with freelancers who have experience gathering information in multiple formats, but if you’re an experienced mainstream media journalist who’s new to the interactive game, we’re very happy to show you the ropes. Our first concern is solid, bulletproof reporting and stellar writing. If you’re new to audio, video or turning your story idea into a multimedia package, we’ll show you how to get started. We also offer complimentary in-house multimedia trining for freelancers in the greater Philadelphia area.

This notice kind of reminds me of one of my grad school friends. She was finishing up a letter for a job (which listed her PhD) and had sent the whole package (i.e., letter, resume, and recommendations) off via email. Later, she wanted to show her husband the letter she wrote when he came home, and as she was reading it she noticed a rather embarrassing typo. Under the heading of “Public Service,” she had printed in bold 14 point Times font “Pubic Service.”

Hey, what’s that sound? It’s the air sputtering out of a pompous balloon!


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