Mix Six “Pop”

 Mix Six “Pop”…download HERE (Like last week’s mix, this one has some fun little drops in between the songs).

M “Pop Muzik” (Download) Even though this song was one of a handful that marked the beginning of “New Wave” music of the early 80s, it does have a kind of timeless quality to it.

N*Sync “Pop” (Download) Many may have asked “Just what is dirty pop?” when this song came out. It took JT to expose Janet’s boob for the world to really know.

Prince “Pop Life” (Download) Just when things were getting too commercial/Michael Jackson/Thriller for Prince, he pulled a fast one and released an album that was the anti-Purple Rain — with mixed results.

Men Without Hats “Pop Goes The World” (Download) Hard to believe this was the same outfit that did “The Safety Dance….”but this song comes close to being almost as inane.

R.E.M. “Pop Song 89” (Download) Hey! They don’t even mention the word “pop” in this song. Gosh, aren’t they sly!

Suicidal Tendencies “Pop Songs” (Download) What better way to end a mix like this than to treat you to a song that boasts a hatred of pop songs.

As always…Have a great weekend!

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