Mix Six: “Love and Anger”

Download the full mix HERE

Here we go! Another mix and this week:  a study in contrasts…or IS it? Hmm…You be the judge.

“Love and Anger” Kate Bush (Download) Follow ups are tough when you have hugely successful album, but Kate was able to deliver the goods on The Sensual World. This track is just so freaking great that there’s not a negative thing I can say about it. No anger, just love. 🙂

“Sweet Fire of Love” Robbie Robertson (Download) This one is from my “college years” vault. I used to listen to the cassette over and over when it first came out not only because of this track, but because it was a first rate album by Robertson. Alas, each album after this became more distant. But when you need passion in a song, who you gonna call? Yep, U2.

“True Love Pt. #2” X (Download) Yet another one from the “college years” vault. I’ve written about X before and what a great band they were, but there was just something a bit subversive about Billy Zoom altering the riff from the Doobie Brothers “Long Train Running” to compliment Exene and John Doe’s odd musings on love by mentioning as many love songs as they could.

“So This Is Great Britain?” The Holloways (Download) I just got this one from eMusic this week and it’s kind of funny. There’s certainly a lot of anger in this song, but it seems I’ve heard this rant before when The Clash did a variation of it back in the early 80s, or maybe it was Elvis Costello in the late 80s/early 90s throwing verbal spitballs at Margaret Thatcher.  I just can’t remember.

“Super Theory Of Super Everything” Gogol Bordello (Download) Now this song is just plain silly angry.
“Fuck With My Head” Ill Repute (Download) The personal back story on this song goes something like this: Back in 1983 I was working weekends at KKIS in Concord, CA. I wasn’t on the air yet. Rather, I was what they call a “board-op” (i.e., the person who pushes the buttons so music and commericals play, but never talks on the air).  But I was really a bored op with nothing much to do for the 8 hours I baby sat the station. Every week there was a bunch o’ records that would come into the station.  Many of those records ended up a big drawer that was a kind of dustbin for unwanted recordings at the station. Anyway, bored and looking for something to do, I found the Ill Repute single for this song near the bottom of the pile. Intrigued by the title and the fact that it was only 50 seconds long, I gave it a spin and instantly loved it. I mean, how can you not relate to this angry rant at when you’re 18. Anyway, looking for the cover art for this mix, I was stunned to see that it’s from a album called “What Happened Then.” However, I have a good memory for trivial things, and I distinctly remember their album was called “Oxnard, Land of No Toilets.” Anyway, that’s the way I remember it and I’m sticking with it.


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