Mix Six: “Last Songs/Classic Albums

(Posted on Thursday night) 

Hi Kids!

I’ve got to admit something: I am really beat. I mean I am just wiped from work this week. I usually post album covers and write a little something about each song in the mix, but this week I feel like a dead man walking. So with that, here’s a mix that I did work long and hard on (’cause it has some movie drops an the like), but no fancy shmancy pictures and comments accompany the music. Also, no single downloads, either. Sorry , but me iz wrecked.

I will say this, however: this mix takes the last song off of classic albums most of us probably own and mixes it up. So, you’ve got your Steely Dan in here, you’ve got your Fleetwood Mac, you’ve got your U2, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and some Paul Simon floating around in this weekly soup called the Mix Six.



Upated on Saturday after having a good sleep. And looky looky… I have individual songs loaded and cover art so you don’t feel deprived. 🙂

Download the full mix HERE

Steely Dan “Josie” (Download) The running order of an album must be a pretty political process in making an album. The”hits” are usually front loaded to please those who were buying the record for the more familiar songs.  But with Steely Dan –who weren’t  really first and foremost Top 40 guys — they had great success with this album.  Almost as a snub to those who were looking for the “hits,” Steely Dan front loaded the album with two songs that both long and very jazzy.  If you wanted your “Peg” or “Josie”  fix, you had to flip the album over to Side 2.  Josie peaked at #28 in the charts and it was a gem of a song that you had to wait to hear if you were too lazy to get up, lift the needle of the record player, and drop it on the last track on Aja.

Paul Simon “All Around the World Or The Myth of Fingerprints” (Download) When this album came out, I was just getting my feet wet doing weekends on the radio. One of the songs I had to play over and over was the lead single, “You Can Call Me Al.” I admit that I was initially intrigued by Simon’s odd lead single.  Now, I really hate the song, but I still love the rest of the album –and I’m not really a Paul Simon fan.

Fleetwood Mac “Gold Dust Woman” (Download) Hard to believe that his album is 30 years old. “Gold Dust Woman,” while not a favorite of mine from this album, is undeniably haunting.

U2 “Mothers Of The Disappeared” (Download) One of the two most political songs on The Joshua Tree. According to the Wiki on this, the song “was written about the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, the mothers of the thousands of “disappeared” people who opposed the Videla and Galtieri coup d’état that overtook Argentina in 1976, who were kidnapped and never seen again.”

Stevie Wonder “Easy Goin’ Evening (My Mama’s Call)” (Download) Now technically, this isn’t really the last song on the original release of this album. However, if you buy the CD (or download the album) this is part of the entire package. It was released as an extra set of songs in a special edition of the album. However, since it was part of the Songs in the Key of Life sessions, it’s put in as a “last song” on this mix. I was looking at the album credits and Michael Sembello (“Maniac” from Flashdance), Herbie Hancock,W.G. “Snuffy” Walden (Big soundtrack guy nowadays) Deniece Williams (“Let’s Hear it for the Boy” from Footloose) and Minnie Riperton (“Loving You”) are listed as contributors.

Prince “Purple Rain” (Download) Of this mix, I think this is my favorite “last song,” and quite fittingly, it’s the last song of this mix!

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