Mix Six: Hell and Heaven

As Kate Bush once wrote, “Some say that heaven is hell. Some say that hell is heaven.”  And so it goes with today’s mix for a Friday the 13th.  Remember: the majority of these were picked by yous guys, and some of you will probably quibble with what ended up getting love and being the object of hate. It’s all in fun, right?  Let’s start with the bad, shall we?

Download the full mix HERE

Five for Fighting “Superman” (Listen HERE)  In J’s version of Hell, it’s just a given that this song is on an endless loop. 

Rascal Flatts “What Hurts the Most” (Listen HERE) Maya just cringes when this song is on.  I’m not sure if it’s the “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” at the end, but it sure isn’t helping things.

Shania Twain “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”  (Listen HERE) This one is mine, and I think it’s the perfect song to play when you want a party to end/clear a room.

James Blunt “You’re Beautiful”  (Listen HERE) Sorry Beenzzz, but your vomit-inducing tune made The List.

Dan Hill and Vonda Shepard “Can’t We Try”  (Listen HERE) Ml…I feel your pain. I used to play this POS back in the day when I doing the weekend DJ thing at KKIS in Concord, CA.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen” (Listen HERE) I was  surprised when C-Lo told me how much she hated this song.  But… “Some say that heaven is hell. Some say that hell is heaven.” 

Download the full “guilty pleasure” mix HERE

Saosin “Voices” (Listen HERE) Eric said that he has a love/hate relationship with this song. I have to admit to not knowing it, but I’ve played it a number of times and it’s pretty great!

Avril Lavigne “Girlfriend”(Listen HERE)  Maya picked this one ’cause she said that if there was one song she felt a bit guilty about liking, it was this Tony Basil/”Mickey” sounding ditty.

Hilary Duff “Come Clean”  (Listen HERE) Cherry is showing her love of frothy Disney Channel pop here! 

George Michael “Father Figure”  (Listen HERE) It feels like it’s 1987 all over again for Beenzzz. 

REO Speedwagon “Can’t Fight This Feeling” (Listen HERE)  J said she can’t explain it, but when this song comes on the radio, she finds herself just singing at the top of her lungs.  Again: “Some say that heaven is hell. Some say that hell is heaven.” 

Neil Diamond “Love on the Rocks”  (Listen HERE) I asked C-Lo why she likes this song so much, and she answered “Uh, duh…’cause it’s good!” 

 Happy Friday (the 13th) everyone. 🙂


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