Mix Six “Going Solo”

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Well, well, well…Look who lapsed back to old habits. Um, that would be me and it seems this whole Mix Six thing wants to be on Friday because on Tuesday I pretty much forgot about it, so that’s why on Wednesday I posted the book review. It doesn’t matter, does it? Nah.

Alright, on to it! This week has artists who were once part of a group, but also had success as a solo artist. Because I’m feeling in a contest mood, the first person to name all the groups each artist was in prior to “going solo” gets to do next week’s mix. I’ll give you clues to help you along.
“Somewhere Down The Crazy River” Robbie Robertson What a sexy little ditty! I remember the video had Maria McKee from Lone Justice acting the part of the “White Trash seductress,” and Robbie’s buddy,Martin Scorsese, directed the video. Martin also directed a film that captured the last concert of a fairly famous group that Robbie was in.
“Susan” Aimee Mann She’s recorded more CDs as a solo artist than she did when fronted a group that apparently won a “Battle of the Bands”-type contest in 1984 — which got them a recording contract. This group — with Aimee Mann as the lead singer, of course — had a top 10 hit with, um, stellar lyrics like the following: “He said “Shut up!” He said “Shut up! Oh God, can’t you keep it down!”
“Dirty Blvd.” Lou Reed Oh, Lou…You act all tough now, but back in the day you wrote a lot of songs about the wild side of Andy Warhol’s friends — many of whom were very gay, but also in the closet. And that’s probably why you named your group the _____________ _____________.

“Pledge Pin” Robert Plant It seems there was a drunken bitching session between Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, and John Entwhistle (The latter two from The Who) which resulted in a them talking about forming a band together. Someone remarked that” Yeah, that will go over like a lead balloon.”

“Shadows In The Rain” Sting Many thought Sting was a tough punk when he was with this group. But now he is a big pwussy who increasingly writes milquetoast songs.

“Joga” Bjork The band she co-fronted (is that an actual term?) had a debut album in 1988 that was voted by some rock critic (who probably wrote for Spin) as the best album EVER! In Icelandic, their name is “Sykurmolarnir.” In English, it translates to the ______________.


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