Mix Six: “Girls! Girls! Girls!”

Listen to this week’s Mix Six “Girls! Girls! Girls!” HERE 

I have to thank Melissa at work for this mix. The two of us were talking about songs featuring female names and she said something like: “Sounds like a Mix Six to me.”  Well, I knew I had one song locked in because of Melissa’s suggestion. After that, things started to fall into place very quickly. But it wasn’t until I finished the mix that I realized I know women with all of these names. 
“Julie”(Live) Marshall Crenshaw 

This song is obviously for my wife, J. Now, there are very few songs with her name in it that aren’t lame. So I was really stoked when I hear Marshall’s song. 
“Mary’s Prayer” Danny Wilson  I dated a girl in my senior year of high school named Mary.  She treated me horribly at times and never returned my calls (but bitterly complained when I didn’t call her for 3 days). Then I got my “revenge!”  A year later, I saw her at the community college I attended my first two years of college and she was all flirty and happy to see me.  I was painting a sign for a midnight showing of Pink Floyd: The Wall in the quad (it for the filmmakers club I was in) and I had long hair, dark glasses, and attitude.  I was kind of friendly when I first saw her, but said at one point, “Well, I have to get back to painting this poster, and call me if you want.”  She looked at me in semi-shock and said: “Oh, uh, um, okay.”  Ha!  That’ll learn ya for not returning my calls!
“Veronica” (Demo Version) Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney  I work with a woman named Veronica, but she’s not an old crazy woman who sailed on the “Empress of India” and is Elvis Costello’s grandmother.  This version, however, is the demo Elvis and Paul McCartney did prior to recording the song in the studio.  Thanks to Jefito posting this gem on his site!
“Melissa” The Allman Brothers Band  I think you can guess where the idea to include this song came from!  I’m not a big Allman Brothers fan, but this song has a nice vibe to it.  It’s such a perennial part of FM rock radio, that if you haven’t heard it, you don’t listen to FM rock radio much.

“Meet Virginia” Train

J’s grandmother’s name is Virginia. Her family name is Herndon, and they come from (wait for it!) Herndon, Virginia.  Oh, and J’s grandmother loves to sit at home and “Rip on the president.”  Go Grandma!
“Carolyn’s Fingers” Cocteau Twins I work with Carolyn every weekday morning from 5am to 9am! Oddly enough, this song has the distinction not mentioning the name Carolyn in the lyrics — nor can I really understand what the hell the vocalist is saying. Still, it’s a cool late-80s alternative rock song that reminds me of my salad days in college.

Have a great weekend kids!



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