Mix Six Fun

I’ve got a “rewind” Mix Six up and ready for consumption. It’s one I’ve featured here, but as they used to say in radio: “It’s an oldie, but a goodie!”

Click HERE

And if you’re in the mood for a political piece, I have one of those up and running, too.  Click HERE 

In other news…

Have you been watching BSG? This season is quite gripping, and while I think they are dragging out some of the larger story arc, it’s compelling to see what it’s all leading up to. My prediction that Ellen Tigh was the final Cylon (out of the “final five”) may have some legs. This Friday’s episode will feature Saul Tigh’s battle with his identity and in the preview, it looks like Ellen makes a little guest appearance — looking like an older Six.

Ellen morphs into Six and beats the crap out of Saul.

Of course, the clip from the preview could all be some kind of dream, and, as someone suggested, Cally is the final Cylon.

Which means, that Cylons can biologically reproduce, and well, they’re not really machines anymore. However, Tory (who is newly energized and somewhat demonic now that she’s embraced her new identity as a Cylon) takes Cally’s baby away from her and sends Cally on an express ride to a deep space freeze:

The end of Cally … or a new beginning?

Or maybe everyone in the BSG universe is a Cylon.

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