Mix Six “Electronica Dorks”

Download the full mix HERE

Hey party people! Grab your shiny shirt, binky, some X and do a big group love hug with your friends ’cause we’re not going to rave so much as semi-chill with this miX.

Wow! This XTC stuff really makes me wanna open up to all of you and just, you know, be open. 🙂

First up:

Jem “They” (Download) Don’t you think the beginning of this song sounds like music from a Harry Potter film? Man, my jaw is starting to clench…

Thievery Corporation “Scene at the Open Air Market” (Download) You know…I REALLY love you guys. I mean I REALLY love you.

Zero 7 “Destiny” (Download) I totally understand what you’re going through…but I’m sweating like a mofo here.

Supreme Beings of Leisure “Ain’t Got Nothin'” (Download) Oh. My. God. That kid screaming at the beginning of this song is SO cool. I gotta hear that at least 4 or 5 times more. Hang on…Did you hear it? It’s so musical they way they cut that up. Holy crap! I’m really thirsty.

Young Punx “Rockall Krafty Kuts Mix”(Download) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Yeah!

Massive Attack “Safe From Harm” (Download) Okay, I gotta chill now. Seriously.

How was that! Fun, eh? Remember: Just say no…and have a great weekend!


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