Mix Six “Disco! Disco! Good! Good!”

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Most pop music trends eventually crumble under the weight of their own excess. Disco certainly did, but oddly enough it never really went away. It just evolved and made its way into other pop trends.

Confession time: I really liked a lot of music that was classified as “disco” back in the day. Maybe it was because our family always liked to dance that disco was part of my musical soundtrack back in the 70s. Even when we went to London, En-ga-land the first time in the mid-70s, it wasn’t punk that was interesting to a young lad like me. Rather, it was listening to disco records and watching everyone dance in my grandmother’s living room that was fun. Plus, being the youngest, I wasn’t allowed to go the clubs, but my sister did. And it all seemed so, well, exciting to hang out in a London club! Call it a romanticism borne out of deprivation, but excluding Kiss, hearing some of these songs again really takes me back to a time before disco became a parody of itself.
“Also Sprach Zarathustra” Eumir Deodato Because everyone has an embarrassing moment in their past, mine is dancing on my oldest brother’s bed when “610 KFRC” was playing this pre-disco ditty back in 1973. My mom was in the room egging me on with every dance move probably copied from the Sonny and Cher Show.
“Love Rollercoaster” Ohio Players My brother Steve had the 45 of this one. I played it over and over one day when I got to stay home from school because I was sick. After awhile, I would just lift the needle on the record player and play my favorite parts of the song again and again. Millions of other kids were probably doing the same thing with their crappy turntables back then. Nowadays, they just call it sampling.
“Good Times” Chic Ah yeah! Junior high school dances. Good times, indeed!
“I Just Want To Be Your Everything” Andy Gibb My best friend got to see Kiss in 1976, and I got to see Andy Gibb that same year. That was one moment when I really hated disco.
“Miss You” The Rolling Stones Not as disco-y as “Emotional Rescue,” but you can certainly hear the Stones jumping on the disco train on this one.
“I Was Made For Lovin’ You” Kiss Even though Kiss had a pretty good hit with this one, it was clear the band had completely lost its way by the time this album came out. Kiss doing disco? Boy, does that suck! Where’s the Kiss of “Alive?” Where’s “Detroit Rock City?” Where was the rock band I loved? Gone daddy gone, that’s where. Kiss was everything to me back when I was 12, but when this album came out it signaled the end of disco, and my obsession with Kiss.


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