Mix Six “Deeper and Deeper”

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Our good bloggy friend Gina suggested a while back that I do a Mix Six of deep tracks from well known groups. Some of these may have gotten some airplay on the radio, but weren’t hit singles. If you bought these CDs (and the chances are good since most were huge sellers), you’ve probably heard these songs. But since radio didn’t get their paws on many of these songs, they weren’t really played over and over until you wanted to hurl.

Here we go…
“Walking In Your Footsteps” The Police If you were like me, I played this album over and over after buying it in 1983. Back in the stone age when they sold LPs, I made cassette dubs for my car and Walkman so I wouldn’t be without it because, well, I was obsessed with The Police — so were millions of others.
“Rat In Mi Kitchen” UB40 UB40 gets a bad rap for being a crappy covers band. This album, to me, was one of their best. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s all original material.
“Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” The Killers I knew the final nail in the coffin of late 90s/early 2000 crap pop was being driven when The Killers started to chart in the top 40. It was such a breath of new wave fresh air when their songs “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me” were getting traction. After Jefito burned me a copy of “Hot Fuss,” I gotta say that this album opener was a winner from the get go.
“Mofo” U2 This was a tough pick because I really hated this CD. Of all the U2 CDs I’ve ever owned, this is the only one I’ve ever sold to a used record store. However, “Pop” did contain this darkish semi-gem of a song.
“Once” Pearl Jam You can just smell the quality of rock goodness in this one…
“Are We The Waiting/St. Jimmy” Green Day The CD that made a lot of old Gen X’ers feel connected to new music again. Of course, this CD has so many recycled rock riffs, that it’s not really “new” music. Still, what a great F U to Redneck America and tribute to classic bands like The Who.


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