Mix Six “Cover Me”

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Happy Veterans Day — well, sort of. Some folks have today off, but some of us are at work wondering why we didn’t get today off. Ah well, Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away. And besides, it’s Friday! And that alone is something to be happy about. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mixy Sixy time again. This week I went with an all covers set. What served as the inspiration for this mix was when I was clicking around All Access Music Group and saw that Gnarls Barkley covered the Violent Femmes classic “Gone Daddy Gone.” I had a listen and my initial reaction is that it’s one of those faithful covers that will probably do well on the Hot AC charts. However, those of us who love the original will bemoan the decline of great songs and wonder how we got so old so soon (Can someone give me a Debbie Downer “Wah Waaaaah” here? Thanks).

Let’s get it started, shall we?

“Gone Daddy Gone” Gnarls Barkley Hello? Hi Gen X’ers! Looks like you’re all a bunch of old farts now.

“Summertimes Blues” Rush Hello? Hi Baby Boomers! Looks like you’re all a bunch of even older farts now.

“Have a Cigar” Primus Not a bad cover, but bassist/vocalist Les Claypool does the opposite of Pink Floyd here. He turns up the bass, guitar, and drums, and lowers the vocals to make them sound like an awesome bar band playing at a strip mall club on a Friday night.
“Mad World” Gary Jules Tears for Fears must have been genuinely amused and flattered by what Gary Jules did with their song. Too bad KFOG in San Francisco played this song to death and made me hate it for a long time. Now that it’s had a few years to rest, this is really quite a haunting version. No wonder the producers of Donnie Darko used it in their film.
“L.A. Woman” Billy Idol Another faithful cover — except for that “She drink my wine boy-dee-oh-dee-oh-day” breakdown part. WTF?
“Live and Let Die” Guns-n-Roses I’m just waiting for GnR to do a Christmas CD like Billy Idol. Click HERE to see what I’m talking about.


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