Mix Six “Comfort Songs”


Hi! It’s Friday and guess what? It’s Mix Six time, kids. This week’s mix (as many of you well know) is about comfort songs. Comfort songs are those songs that offers you a little respite from this veil of tears. I’m happy to report that not one of you requested anything by The Osmonds — which fills my heart with great joy. 😉

Okay, so on with it!

“The Gap” Thompson Twins Beenzzz requested some Twins to take her back to a more carefree time (i.e., the 80s) when youth, late nights, and probably booze combined to make for some memorable times.

“Hit” Sugarcubes Gina emailed me to put in her requests, and I chose “Hit.” The reason why this song gives her comfort? Well, I’ll let her tell it: “When I am feeling like my marriage is a failure because we are sniping at each other every five seconds, I listen to “Hit” by the Sugarcubes. It was one of the first songs that we identified as “ours” and even the English guy attempting to rap in the middle doesn’t ruin it for me because there is such a strong association. It helps me to feel a bit more positive and remember the good old days of lots of money and no stress. “

“The Start of Something” Voxtrot My niece who has many nicknames– including the ever-popular “Chee”– requested this song. I have to say that I’ve never heard of this band, but after listening to this song a few times, their sound sort of reminds me of The Smiths — without all the self-flagellation.

“MLK” U2 Malchus wanted to hear some U2 because, like Cherry, he lost a friend and went back to the music of his salad days. If you missed what he said in the comments section earlier in the week, here’s what inspired the choice: “When my best friend, Matt, died two years ago, I returned to the music of U2 because it had occupied so much of our adolescence. I made a mix CD to get me through the pain and ended it with “MLK”, which brought me great comfort after spending hours crying over my fallen friend.”

“Homeward Bound” Simon and Garfunkel J has a very mushy streak in her when it comes to music. She loves the real heartfelt songs that really conjure up the tears, but she also finds great comfort in their songs. She wanted to hear some S&G, but wasn’t sure if it would fit into a mix. Of course they fit! 🙂

“Something So Strong” Crowded House Malchus left a cryptic request for Crowded House in the comments section, so I just took that to mean “DJ’s choice.” I wanted to end on an upbeat note, and this song seemed to fit the bill.

So there you have it! Feel comforted?

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