Mix Six “Awwww Yeah!”

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“Awwww yeah!” Doesn’t that phrase seem to go with Fridays? And what Friday would be complete without a Mix Six? Probably most Fridays because, let’s face it, not that many people know about this little weekly thing I do, so really I’m just kidding myself with that whole “What Friday would be complete” crap. 🙂

Before all the chaos ensued at our house, I had planned on asking you, dear bloggy friends, what songs make you say “Awwww yeah” when you hear them. But…life gets in the way, and I kind of dropped the ball on that whole thing. I was able to get suggestions from Cherry (Alas, too late to add to the mix) and her hubby, Eric. Eric turned in his homework early, so I could add his song. but while one of Cherry’s “Awwww yeah” artists is on here, the song is not. 🙁

No point in getting all boo hoo about all of this. I’m Rick James! This is a celebration, and here we go!

“Evil” Cactus (Download) A favorite of Eric’s! We used to play this song when I still had my practice space and he had “moved in” so we could have a weekly jam. It’s has such energy, such fury, that it just makes us both say “Awwww yeah.”

“Sabotage” The Beastie Boys (Download) There was a time when I thought this was perhaps the greatest rock/rap song ever recorded. The video helped to propel my absolute love of this song. There’s just something that so brilliantly amazing about this tune that I think thing the phrase “Awwww yeah” pretty much sums it up.

“Detroit Rock City” Kiss (Download) When I was 11, Kiss were my rock gods! I loved everything about them. The music, the make up, the flames, spitting blood, and all the other stupid stuff that comes when you fall in love with your first band. This song is over 30 years old, but it still has an “Awwww yeah” factor with me. 🙂

“Two Tribes” Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Download) Sure “Relax” is the more popular of the two songs that were hits off this album, but c’mon Frankie gave the traditionally wimpy synths some balls. Awwww yeah (with the head nod).

“Escape” Journey (Download) If you were in high school (or middle school) when this album came out, you probably just listened to side 1 because it had most of the hits. However, this side 2 rocker is just a solid piece of Journey at their finest. What did you say? Did I hear an “Awwww yeah?” Awwww yeah (with a stupid stoner kid smile/half-squint).

“The Real Me” The Who (Download) An amazing blast of bass and drums that’s busy, blistering, and bombastic (in a good way). If you aren’t saying “Awwww yeah” when listening to this song, I weep for your soul.

As always, have a great weekend!


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