Mix Six “All Smashed Up!”


Here we go kids! Mix Six time and yours truly is trying something a little different. You’ve heard about mash-ups, right? Well, I’m not good enough to do an actual mash up, but I can do a smash up. What’s a smash up? It comes from my desire to hear the original version of a song with the cover (or and early cover) in the same song. To do so, I have to smash the songs together using ProTools and a lot of time.

I have to say that when I first started putting this together, I was having trouble with the transitions between songs because the tempo of the songs are, of course, different — so forgive my mistakes.

So on with it!

“Real Wild Child” Johnny O’Keefe/Everlife/Iggy Pop This song has been covered so many times, that I could proabably make a 15 minute smash up. But to be honest, the first time I heard this song was when Iggy Pop covered it back in the 80s. And then during a fit of insanity, I purchased a Radio Disney CD and the “Everlife” version was included. I’m sorry about the Disney purchase.

“Mickey” Toni Basil/B*Witched Spanish/English/”Bring It On!”…it’s all here in this smash up of Toni’s contribution to pop perfection — and cheerleading songs.

“Let’s Goove” Earth Wind & Fire/B5 What producer thought that B5 could even do justice to a Earth Wind and Fire song ought to be fired for even suggesting it. B5 ought to hang their head in shame for even attempting to do this song. But it’s off the same Radio Disney CD that has “Real Wild Child,” so what can we expect from idiots with money who push this crap — and idiots like me who bought this CD. Again, I’m sorry.

“Working in a Coalmine” Devo/Lee Dorsey Well, the cover art for Lee’s greatest hits album will certainly make you think twice about purchasing it, but take a chance if only for this gem.

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” U2/Saul Willams (feat. Trent Reznor) Taylor at T-Sides did a post on the new Saul Williams album with the “Pay what feel like paying” price tag for downloading. I did download it and there was a cover of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” in the song list. So, why not compare the two versions and see how the cover holds up to the original.

“Let It All Hang Out” John Mellencamp/The Nails When I first heard this song, it was The Nails’ version that I was introduced to. I thought they originally did it, but, um, nope. It was a one hit wonder group called The Hombres. I didn’t include The Hombres’ version because it was too tough to match the tempo with The Nails. So, why not bust out some Mellencamp as a filler.

And there you have it! Have a great weekend and Happy Diwali!

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