Mix Six 2001 Pop Life

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Seems like old times, eh? You know, a Mix Six on Friday?

Maybe it’s because of my age (or musical interests), but the “2000s” are not well represented in this feature. So, to make up for the omission, I wanted to go back to 2001 and look at some pop songs that were played and overplayed. After a few years of lying fallow, many of these songs sound pretty great to me. I generally love Top 40 pop, so my apologies up front for omitting other genres of popular music.
“Lady Marmalade” Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya and Pink I never really liked the original version by Labelle, but when this cover was released, I just loved the whole attitude of the preening and posing divas featured. Sure, the video is soft-core porn, but the song is pure pop candy.
Six Feet Under was utterly depressing, but also so compelling that I couldn’t stop watching. They had a couple of seasons where it was very difficult to watch, but that first season made me wish we had HBO. But renting the DVDs had the advantage of being able to watch as much as we could handle in one sitting.
“Hanging By A Moment” Lifehouse The first time I heard this song was on Live 105 (a San Francisco alternative rock station), and it had such a instant “likable” factor, that I was wondering if I was listening to the right station (at that time, Live played a lot of crappy Nu Metal).
I know the American version of this BBC comedy is great, but the original is just pure comic genius. This was one of the first comedies that didn’t use a laugh track to “goose” a laugh from it viewers. Rather, it relied on the painfully awkward “ass-ness” that is David Brent to keep us in stitches.
“U Remind Me” Usher Oh Usher, you “Sexy MF.” 😉
The. Best. Show. On. TV. Ever! Seriously, this show was such a amazing series. I honestly don’t think there was a clunker in the entire run.
“Let Me Blow Ya Mind” Eve Scary, sexy, and uh, scary.
The movie every slacker ought to see!
“Get Ur Freak On” Missy Elliott How many Top 40 songs of 2001 can you name that fuse rap with Asian Indian flavors? Hmm….maybe one?
Loved “Rushmore,” but I just could not get into this movie! Still, many folks I know loved it, so I suppose the clip is in there for them.
“Bootylicious” Destiny’s Child Ah yeah…Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen” and booty! What a brilliant combo!

Have a great weekend!


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