Maya’s Mix Six

I do like this mixing thing! But it’s even more fun when I get a “mix challenge!” Cherry’s country mix was fun to do last week because it forced me to admit that I do like country-ish music, and I thought the mix sounded really good.

Today, I wanted to capture the musical tastes of a suburban 10 year old girl from California. In other words, I asked my daughter Maya to pick six songs she currently likes and I would come up with a mix. As I was putting these songs together, I kept saying “Boy, this is so Radio Disney.” So, I found some effects that I thought would enhance the “pop vibe” (and a distinctly girlie pop vibe at that) I was getting from her selections.


Download by clicking HERE. (Alas, this download is no longer available.)


“Listen To Your Heart” D.H.T. Boy does this song remind me of where I work! Enjoy this dance remake of the Roxette hit by a Belgian duo featuring Edmée Daenen on vocals and and Flor Da Rick Theeuwes — who created all the other musical elements.

“Stupid Girls” Pink. Name at Birth: Alecia Moore. Call her that, and she’ll kick your (fill in the blank).

“The Metro” Berlin. Classic line: “I remember hating you for loving me.” Boy did they have a crappy relationship or what?

“Feel Good Inc.” Gorillaz. Maya and I love to groove to this one in the car. I do the laugh, and she does the rap. 🙂

“Rich Girl” Gwen Stefani. I was singing the original lyrics from “Fiddler on the Roof” in the car one day, and Maya thought I had just made them up ’cause she had no idea that Gwen has “borrowed” the melody from the musical. Feeling old? Me too.

“Unwritten” Natasha Bedingfield. I really liked this song when it first came out, but now I will forever associate it with a talent show at Maya’s school. One of her classmates sang it with a crappy karaoke backing track and I loved the fact that she sang “conditioned” the same way Natasha does. You know “We’ve been con-itioned.” Ah, the kids these days…:-)

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