Our bloggy friend Jeff Vrabel (No, he’s not Mike) wrote a very funny post about Christmas music and how all that forced cheer can engender the opposite feelings in this season of goodwill… and all that other crap.  😉

He brings up a good point, and that’s that the elevation of Christmas through radio stations programming 24/7 Christmas music to the masses.  Our local Adult Contemporary stations in the Bay Area (KOIT and KBAY) haven’t switched yet, but they will soon enough. 

It seems, however, WLIT in Chicago has gone over to the Red and Green side with all Xmas music, and it’s kind of driving Jeff (he’s not Mike) crazy.  Crazy or not, 24/7 Xmas music is a real ratings grabber for radio stations.  Radio stations can make more money as their ratings go up because they adjust their ad rates when more people listen.  Businesses love Christmas music because it makes people want to spend money and buy stuff.  And when people buy stuff, it makes the economy hum along…and when the economy hums along, more people are working so they can buy stuff that keeps the economy humming along. 

Happy birthday Jesus!

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