Little Lies/Big Lies

Have you ever lied on a resume or during a job interview? We all want to put our best foot forward to win a job or a promotion, but have you resorted to outright lying just to get what you want?

I was reading on the Comcast homepage about resume cheaters and the like (there was an article linked with the headline “Jobs: Should you lie on your resume?”) and there was one study that suggested that more than 50% of people lie on their resume. What do they lie about? Here’s a partial list:

1. Academic credentials

2. Hiding employment gaps

3. Beefing up job titles

4. Exaggerating your responsibilities

5. Fake companies

6. Taking sole credit for a team effort

How ’bout you? Ever do anything like what’s on this list?


Rollins Band “Liar” (Listen HERE)

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