[Stage direction: Please read this as if you are reading to a class of 1st graders.]

Once upon a time, there were these things called “laws” in a place called the Country of Laws. They established boundaries on what you could and couldn’t do in a society. Some laws where simple (like, don’t drive faster than 25 mph in a school zone). Others were more complex.

In the Country of Laws some rules governed actions that could, well, harm others if these laws were transgressed.

One day, a man who worked for the Vice President of this country (We’ll call him Lewis “Scooter” Libby), decided to break a law by lying to investigators about intentionally leaking the name of a CIA operative to the press.

Much was made of this offense, and many believed that Scooter would go to jail for his actions.
But there lived in the Country of Laws a man who was the President, and he had quite a bit of power and acted like a king — even though he wasn’t. The President thought that his friends didn’t have to live by the laws, and made lots of noise about a special cloak called a “Presidential Pardon.”

With a wave of his special pen, the President could magically transform his friend Scooter from a criminal to a innocent man who committed no crime.

What will happen to Scooter boys and girls? Stay tuned!


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