Lazy Thursday Thirteen

J's been doing these "Thursday Thirteens" for a few weeks now. I wasn't completely clear on the concept until she said: "It's on whatever you want it to be."

Anything? I was over at Rolling and saw that they are taking "Random Votes" on the best Beatles album. As of 3:30pm on 6/1/06, here are the results:

13 best Beatles songs? Nope. I'll be more random instead. So, here are my top 13 songs compiled  through a rigorous methodology of "Yeah, lately I've been playing these songs a lot!"

13. "The Carpet Crawlers (1999)" Genesis

12. "I've Got a Feeling" The Beatles

11. "Carouselambra" Led Zeppelin

10. "Tunnel of Love" Dire Straits

9. "Pledge Pin" Robert Plant

8. "Helena (So Long & Goodnight)" My Chemical Romance

7. "Bedbugs and Ballyhoo" Echo and the Bunnymen

6. "Rebellion (Lies)" The Arcade Fire

5. "Lonesome Day" Bruce Spingsteen

4. "Leave the Pieces" The Wreckers

3. "The Great Escape" We Are Scientists

2. "Freeze (Part IV of 'Fear')" Rush

1. "Cuban Slide" The Pretenders



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