King’s Highway

You might remember a few weeks ago I uploaded a podcast of my interview with Scott Malchus, Jeff Giles, and Chris Reutz where we chatted about Cystic Fibrosis.

Well, I guess I’ve been a little derelict in being a good bloggy friend because I didn’t know about Scott’s filmmaking career — until recently, that is. Scott wrote and directed a really wonderful film called “King’s Highway” Like many independent filmmakers, Scott couldn’t get a distribution deal for his film. So, the film lacked a larger audience. But now he’s uploaded the film to a site called Iklipz so more and more people can see his film. Iklipz allows people to embed the video on blogs, so now (if you wish) you can watch the entire film right here at casa Py Korry.

I think there are some wonderful performances in this film, the story is compelling, the acting is of a very high caliber, and the film has a very profession gloss. I think what will surprise you is that Scott made this film for about $5000. Amazing! It’s a feature, so the running time is 112 minutes. I watched it on Saturday, so if you can’t watch it now, try and carve out some time in the near future and give it a viewing. And if you’re a bloggy friend of mine, consider embedding the video on your blog so more and more people can see Scott’s film — you know, in that whole viral distribution way. 🙂

If the MPAA were to rate it, King’s Highway would have an ‘R’ rating for adult language, sexual situations, and brief nudity.

Update!!! [6/5/07 at 6:05pm] I just got an email from Scott who told me that Iklipz just named King’s Highway their movie of the week! Here’s a screen shot of the banner on the Iklipz homepage!


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