Kids and Their Code

The NY Times is kind of behind the times if they think that the “secret language of texting” new. An article on texting and teens — posted in Sunday’s paper — was kind of amusing because while I agree that the way in which kids interact socially is increasingly mediated by technology, I think texting is pretty much a variation of passing notes in class. I suppose the difference is that while passing notes was confined to a classroom or other large social setting, texting is everywhere — and, truth be told, annoying. I admit to sending texts, but because I’m old, I don’t habitually use the medium to communicate. I even abhor email for various reasons — especially at work. I would say that barring a face to face conversation, I have found that the best way to communicate with people is by picking up the phone and calling them. But hey, you run the risk of other people listening to your conversations — iykwim. 😉

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