“Kenny Boy…” Out!

The news came down early(ish) this morning about the death of Enron’s former CEO, Ken Lay. It seems he suffered a fatal heart attack and, well, he’s out.

In what seems like some kind of Greek or Shakespearean tragedy where the chaos of series of horrible deeds is “righted” through some kind of bloody tragedy, Lay’s death has a very creepy quality to it.

I’m sure the conspiracies have already started to fly around the “Internets” about his death, and one of the big ones will certainly be that Lay was set to be sentenced on…September 11th (gasp!). I have no idea how to connect his death to 9/11, but some nut will.

Lay, though, was a thief. Just to remind you what he did, here’s a choice ‘graph from the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Lay had built Enron into a high-profile, widely admired company, the seventh-largest publicly traded in the country. But Enron collapsed after it was revealed the company’s finances were based on a web of fraudulent partnerships and schemes, not the profits that it reported to investors and the public.”


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