Just Can’t Find The Sound

I admit that I’m a pretty fussy audiophile kind of guy. I’m picky about trying to find the ideal sound coming from my speakers, headphones, or even lousy computer speakers.  I bought a music player (which I’ve written about before) called Fidelia just because I was so annoyed with the playback on iTunes. Fidelia is designed for Macs/Apple computers and the sound is SO much richer than what iTunes can process. The secret is the kind of file conversion that goes on with Fidelia.  With the, ahem, beloved mp3, you get maybe a tenth of what’s on the master tapes from what bands record in the studio. What Fidelia does is convert your mp3s to AIFF files so the playback is less compressed. That gives you a fuller sound — which is really pleasing if you like hearing all the flourishes bands put in the mix, but are often muted if you’re listening to the mp3 version.

I still buy CDs because the sound you get from them is better than mp3, but even those can sound shrill at times.  So, what is my ideal audio playback?  It’s not a three million dollar system, but does involve a lot of warmth that digital files often lack. Yes, I like listening to vinyl, but I lack a turntable that’s connected to my amp. Fidelia does bring out that richness, but I would love to hear music played through better speakers to see if it’s the sound I’m looking for.

Well, I think you get the idea that I like a certain sound when I listen to music.  How ’bout you?  Do you care about such things?


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