“Juday, Juday, Juday”


I had this long post on Cary Grant almost finished and I accidentally deleted it. Rather than try to recreate the post, I’ll just go over the highlights…

  • We had a Cary Grant film fest at home this weekend.
  • Indiscreet, Charade, and To Catch a Thief were screened.
  • The best of the lot was Indiscreet.
  • Charade is noted because it’s a film where Grant is pursued by a younger woman (Audrey Hepburn).
  • Grant never said “Juday, Juday, Juday,” in a film, but he did do it as a prank during the making of Charade –though there aren’t any outtakes on the DVD.
  • Even though Grant was reluctant to do the film because of the age difference between the stars (he was 59 and she was 34), he married Dyan Cannon (who was 27), and had a kid with her a year later.
  • The kid (Jennifer) grew up, became an actress, and was in a number of films and TV shows — including a few appearances on 90201 as Steve’s girlfriend, Celeste.

Well, that’s the long and the short of it. But there’s one last thing: the music Henri Mancini created for the film, Charade. It’s got a James Bond quality to it, but what I like is what Mancini does with the percussion — before the James Bond sounding guitar kicks in. It’s got early ’60s cool written all over it!

So, here’s the main theme (Download), and here’s a sample of the witty back and forth between Grant and Hepburn in the film (Download).

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