It’s Me Mum’s Birthday!

Today is my mom’s birthday! I won’t tell you how old she is, ’cause she’d probably kill me.  But let’s just say that this photo was taken when she was preggers with me back in 1965.

She comes from a petty big family, and in one of those tricks of chance, her youngest brother’s (my uncle, naturally) birthday is the day before hers.  Usually, every year we have a combo party the entails a BBQ, lots of eating and generally hanging out at my parent’s place.

Guess what? We’re doing that today!

My uncle and his family will be there — well, except for my cousin/their daughter.  She’s actually in Paris today on a day trip with another cousin as part of her graduation from high school trip “abroad.”

So happy birthday mom, and happy belated birthday Chach.  We’ll celebrate like we usually do:  eating, drinking and being merry…and then lapsing into a post-feast daze.

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