“It’s 1982 All Over Again”

That’s exactly what J said when she plopped down a catalogue for Limited Too after getting the mail from the box this afternoon. I picked up the glossy publication and sure enough, there was a stylish picture of tween girls dressed very much like girls I went to high school with. Sure, there are slight variations from the clothes girls wore in 1982, but it’s very slight.

They always say that what goes around, comes around. And boy are “they” right when it comes to fashion. I guess music follows a similar vein. Witness the plethora of new wave sounding bands that have graced the airways in the past 2 years. New Order must be so flattered to hear their “sound” being copied by a number of bands out there. It’s just another reminder that, yes , I’m old and, yes, my taste in music trends toward a style of music that was popular when I was in my salad days. I try and be open to what’s current, but there’s a lot of stuff out there that I just can’t connect with.

For example, one of my co-workers was playing me some stuff by E-40 — who has a great site — but I just thought it was yup-hop (“yup” as in yuppie. Yeah, I said it. Nowadays, a lot of hip-hop and rap is mostly about gettin’ rich, gettin’ paid, and gettin’ laid. And that ethic, to me, is analogous to what yuppies were in the 80s).

Okay, since we’re stuck in the 80s right now, I might as well preview tomorrow’s Mix Six! My co-worker Carolyn (AKA “C-Lo”) is going to take us back to the 80s with her top six super 80s soundtrack songs!

See you here tomorrow!


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